Tour Blue Medical Heroes Initiative

Tour Blue Medical Heroes Initiative

Once this battle is won, We will be here to take care of you.

We are currently facing, possibly greatest challenge of our generation. We are in this together as a global community, and we are full of hope and confidence about our ability to bounce back stronger, together.

As we battle through in our nations, we watch in awe and pride, the selfless sacrifices of our medical heroes – Doctors, nurses, and support staff. As societies, we are eternally in debt to them.

As Hospitality professionals, together with our partners, we are humbled to launch the “Tour Blue Medical Heroes” Initiative, to offer a well deserved holiday to our Heroes who would like some time off in a paradise island, once we have emerged victorious. We wish to offer a fully inclusive holiday at a special cost price with no administration fees, to our deserving heroes no matter which part of the world they are from.

If you are a fellow hospitality professional who would like to partner with us in this initiative, we would welcome you with open arms. If you are a medical hero, Please get in touch, we are at your service.

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